The Present Crisis by James Russell Lowell

Posted on September 5, 2021

The Present Crisis by James Russel Lowell   When a deed is done for Freedom, through the broad earth’s aching breast  Runs a thrill of joy prophetic, trembling on from east to west,          And the slave, where’er he cowers, feels the soul within him climb  To the awful verge of manhood, as the energy sublime         […]

Domestic Narratives Shift as Biden Bungles Afghanistan Withdrawal

Posted on August 21, 2021

In Shakespeare’s Henry IV, King Henry, near death, gives these instructions to his son: I had a purpose now To lead out many to the Holy Land, Lest rest and lying still might make them look Too near unto my state. Therefore, my Harry, Be it thy course, to busy giddy minds With foreign quarrels; […]

Study Finds Children Born During Lockdown Have Lost IQ Points, Impaired Cognitive Functioning

Posted on August 17, 2021

A new study has found that mean IQ scores of young children born during the pandemic have tumbled by as much as 22 points while verbal, motor and cognitive performance have all suffered as a result of lockdown.

Do Masks Work? A Review Of The Evidence

Posted on August 15, 2021

By Jeffrey H. Anderson Link to original article @ City Journal   “Seriously people—STOP BUYING MASKS!” So tweeted then–surgeon general Jerome Adams on February 29, 2020, adding, “They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus.” Two days later, Adams said, “Folks who don’t know how to wear them properly tend to touch […]

This week: Elites push new COVID-19 IQ test for the masses

Posted on June 30, 2021

As worldwide elites direct their media lackeys to ramp up fear and panic about the “Delta” COVID-19 variant, yesterday morning LA County health officials strongly recommended its 10 million residents go back to wearing masks while indoors, regardless of vaccination status. There are so many logical problems with this move that it’s hard to believe […]

For people interested in COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases…

Posted on June 25, 2021

I have received several emails over the last few months asking for a chart of vaccine breakthrough cases. This would be a very interesting statistic to have, given that daily positive test numbers have recently stopped their downward decline, and people naturally start to wonder where these new positive tests are coming from. However, unlike […]

The awesome power of truth in a post-totalitarian society

Posted on November 19, 2020

The following extracts are taken from Václav Havel’s 1978 essay “Power and the Powerless”. In the essay, Havel describes a new form of totalitarianism which he calls post-totalitarianism. Unlikely classic totalitarian regimes, constrained by time, and assigned to the control of a single tyrannical individual, post-totalitarianism is characterized by a vast bureaucracy that is at […]

Estimating Herd Immunity Status for Each State

Posted on August 1, 2020

A Brief Overview of Herd Immunity The Mayo Clinic website gives the following explanation of herd immunity: Herd immunity occurs when a large portion of a community (the herd) becomes immune to a disease, making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely. As a result, the whole community becomes protected — not just […]

Cases, cases, cases! The problem of focusing on case counts to the detriment of more important metrics.

Posted on July 26, 2020

From the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan, China, to the eventual pandemic around the globe, media and politicians have obsessed over various single factor analyses to the detriment of Americans’ health and well-being. A prime example of this is the incessant focus on case counts, which may quite possibly be the most meaningless […]

Science and Common Sense in the Debate about Masks

Posted on July 19, 2020

Masks are currently the hot button coronavirus topic. Should people be forced to wear them? Who should wear them? Do they offer protection? How much protection? The fact of the matter is, no American wants to die from anything–let alone coronavirus. If you give an American the honest truth about the risks of the disease […]